About Me

Hello there!  Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I appreciate your taking the time to read, and (hopefully) identify with my writing. 

I am a wife and the mother of a 20 year old, kindergartner, and a preschooler.

I quit drinking in 2000, and foster an unhealthy relationship with Cheez-Its. 

I blog about sobriety, mental illness, ridiculousness, general things that bother me, and the hilarious (not-so) joys of motherhood. 

Please understand that while I love my children equally and without reservation, I do not always like them. My daughter is possessed by the devil on a good day, the 6yo is a talker and future politician, and the 3yo's energy level makes me wonder if he might be hiding an addiction to amphetamines. 

Motherhood is hard, and I don't pretend it's easy.

I'm the woman who used to scoff at perfect stay at home moms, and now that is the very standard I set and fail to achieve on the daily.

Be warned that I am extremely sarcastic and I think I'm hilarious. I try to find humor in everything and make fun often; because I can. 

My writing has appeared on The Huffington Post, Mommyish, Scary Mommy, FamilyShare, and BonBon Break.

I lurve comments and do my best to acknowledge every one. Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated, even if it's ugly.

I also love emails!!  julie[@]nextlifenokids.com

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