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Next Life, NO Kids: Mothering Through Clickbait

July 05, 2017

Mothering Through Clickbait

I'm SO sick of seeing articles pitting moms against moms, or judging certain parenting/life choices. I'm tired of witnessing back and forth bullshit nonsense between women saying basically the exact same things, pretending it's a different standpoint.

I'm sick to death of scrolling past and through emotional clickbait.

Next Life NO Kids - Mothering Through The Click Bait
Clickbait has its own definition in the dictionary.

The titles of these articles pull us in by speaking directly to our fears and insecurities. 

The problem is, as long as we keep placing so much value in other peoples' opinions and taking the bait, it will always be popular to shit on others because we disagree with their life choices.

Does my decision to stay at home, or what I'm doing with my boobs, really matter that much to other moms? Couldn't it be argued that is the real problem? 

Why do we feel the need to poke our heads into each other's business so much? Why do we take such pleasure in judging each other? Why should I care about the choices you're making in your own life?

Because we've been wired to care. 

We've watched so many episodes of "The Real Housewives," we've convinced ourselves that every single opinion we have actually matters and should be shared. We think if we mock other women we decide are weak or "beneath us," it will fix what's broken inside us long enough to feel "good" about ourselves. We forget that women like Veronica Partridge are human beings; not just names on a computer screen. Two years later, she's still under attack.


Who gives a flaming shit why someone doesn't wear leggings? You don't agree? Move on with your life!

We've created this monster, and we're wondering why bullying in schools and on social media has skyrocketed. We're the example, and we're teaching our children they need to check in with society for self-esteem; before feeling confident about their choices. 

We're sending the message that we're not enough unless Instagram says so, and we're breeding a society full of narcissists who value the possibility of their 15 minutes of internet fame over human life

We don't even have time to band together as women to discuss these issues though, because we're all far too busy arguing (with each other!!!) about whether it's appropriate to cover up or which of the latest viral parenting blunders wins "worst parent ever." 

As "mom bloggers" we could all write an article laced with judgment and get our 15 seconds of viral fame. Unfortunately, it's so completely unoriginal at this point, we have to work much harder for shock value. 

What would happen to "click bait" if we all just stopped clicking? Wouldn't it be amazing if sharing and being supported through our motherhood experiences and shortcomings felt safe and became the norm? 

What if we didn't all have to hide behind "Fine," because admitting we're struggling human beings didn't make us "terrible" mothers? 

What if we could all just get real for a second and admit that no matter where we are or what we're doing, being a mom is hard and sucks sometimes? 

Would we judge less and support each other more? Would PPD be less of a shameful label? Would more moms speak up before it was too late? 

Would our daughters be less likely to be mean-girling and bullying each other for attention and to feed a faulty sense of esteem?

Could we change the way women are viewed? Would we take our power back from all the media outlets begging us to NEED acceptance? Maybe we could stop blaming the world for our shortcomings, and take responsibility for the unhappiness that sparks all the judgment. 

Perhaps, we could all enjoy the freedom to decide who and what we are, without fear of other people's right to disagree.

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