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Next Life, NO Kids: March 2017

March 29, 2017

I'm Off Like A Prom Dress

I hate that I don't have the time or focus to keep this blog updated with my every thought (although lately, in this political climate, you should probably thank me for that).

As usual, I'm juggling too many things, off on some ridiculous mission to save the world; which doesn't leave a lot of time for writing. I've decided to dedicate the time I do have to write to the idea of actually working on that book I promised I'd write ten years ago that refuses to write itself (that selfish whore).

So, I'm leaving you for a bit. I'm taking a break from the extra pressure and stress of having to entertain so not to be forgotten or become irrelevant. I'm riding my horse into the sunset, and waving ferociously in hopes you'll know that I'll be back at some point when life isn't so incredibly demanding of all my time and energy; when I can sit down for longer than five minutes and write stuff that doesn't suck.

If you've just arrived, please do make yourself a nice comfy spot and enjoy the posts I've already written about motherhood, mental illness, and my journey of recovery from alcoholism. Some of it is funny, and some of it might make you cry, but it's all from the heart and should keep you plenty busy until I get back.

In the meantime, thanks to a still raging social media addiction, I'll most likely still be on Facebook and the Twatter. I'll also continue with my commitment to Sunday Day Live (every Sunday -- barring religious holidays -- 12 noon EST on my public Facebook page)

If something so moves me enough and I have the time, I'm not suggesting I won't drop it like it's tepid. I'm just backing up a bit from the demand and commitment. 

Yes, of course I still love you.

No, I've not found someone else. I just told you -- I'm simply too busy to offer you the time you deserve. I just can't be the kind of blogger you need right now.

No, it's not you, it's me.

DUH, we'll always be besties! You're my favorite!

Hopefully, if all goes according to my incredible plan, I'll be back with a new book by the end of the year! *fingers crossed*

I'm so excited to share all the things with you as soon as I can get my head above water and start moving towards the shore. I don't know where or if I'd even be without your amazing support these past years, and I want you to know that's a forever kind of connection we have.

Your willingness to read my thoughts and provide encouraging support and a "me too," has meant more than the world to me. You have challenged me in ways I can't describe and have pushed me in ways I needed in order to grow as a writer and human doing.

This is not good-bye.

I pinky promise. 


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