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Next Life, NO Kids: February 2017

February 27, 2017

The Earth is Round, White Privilege Exists, and Other (Factual) Facts

I don't often get political here, and I have also avoided many controversial topics. I have concocted a number of justifiable reasons in my mind, but if many bloggers got super honest about why we don't always get loud, it's somewhat about numbers. 

Yes, numbers

It's because speaking up and out about things some followers may very strongly disagree with has consequences.

It is my ego and privilege that often keep me quiet here; because sometimes I am a coward, and I get to choose which battles I fight every day. I get to take "breaks," from advocacy and resistance. I get to decide that today, "I just can't." 

Acknowledging that many people in this country are living in fear every day is a choice for me. I can shut it off and look the other way when shit gets heavy or I reach my emotional limit and become too stressed or angry to function.

I have the luxury of hiding behind safe and lazy statements like, "All Lives Matter" and "Can't we all just get along?" because I literally have no idea what it feels like to be refused anything or pre-judged based of the color of my skin. I have never experienced racism or been the target of any hate-fueled phobia. 

I am a White, cis, straight(-ish) Christian. Even during those years I was convinced I was a lesbian, and experimented with introducing one of my girlfriends to my mother, it was something I got to very easily pack up as soon as things got uncomfortable enough. 

I am not (yet) the target of tremendous amounts of hate and/or nationwide judgement. No one is assuming anything about me or my immediate family bubble that could result in physical or emotional harm or even discomfort. I get to live in an extremely progressive state, and I can pretend people are simply exaggerating the dangers present or that all media is committed to "fake news," and write it all off instead of putting forth the effort to research what's actually going on in the world. 

I choose to use my voice and privilege, because I acknowledge and embrace the fact that I am responsible, and the vital role I play -- whether I choose to accept the role and responsibility or not. It's mine.

I support the LGBTQ+ and human and civil rights for all. I support the right of Transgender people to use whatever bathroom they choose or feel most comfortable. If you don't want men in the girl's room, perhaps you should too. 

I support #BlackLivesMatter, and am very aware that just because I do not see or experience racism (because I am White!!) doesn't mean it doesn't exist or is "old news." I understand the statement "Black Lives Matter" in no way suggests that Black lives matter more than other lives. It's about acknowledging that Black lives matter as much. I am an ally and try to use my voice, but I'm also aware that it should never be instead of, louder, or on behalf of people of color. I'm open to learning and being wrong.

I will not argue the existence of White Privilege or systemic racism with fragile White people who think it doesn't exist because they've "had a hard life" or have "had to fight for everything [they] have." I will not apologize to White people who refuse to acknowledge history and factual facts any more than I will argue climate change and the roundness of the Earth. 

I will also not be silent just because talking about these things makes some people uncomfortable and rocks their safe little bubbles. 

I will never support discrimination, racism, and/or hateful, phobia-fueled bullshit lies. I am aware that every group and subgroup will have extremists. I am smart enough to realize that the actions of these people will not ever represent groups as a whole. I understand that terrorism is terrorism and am baffled by the fact that there has never been talk of banning White Christian men from this country. Wait, no I'm not; because I understand White people get special treatment and the benefit of the doubt. 

I don't believe everyone that's different and wants to be acknowledged and respected has an "agenda." I believe we're all just experiencing the human need to be accepted and understood. 

I support Feminism, and I am not a man hater. I'm aware that Feminism isn't AT ALL about hating men, and that there are a large number of feminists who identify as male. 

I support Muslims, and The United States Constitution. I do not buy into the lies certain Americans are attempting to force feed us to invoke fear and promote and justify hate.

I will continue to ask questions and remain teachable, and I will continue to be vocal in my attempts to amplify the voices of truth where Injustice and Intolerance live.

If that means you can't follow my blog or social media outlets anymore, don't let the door hit you where The Good Lord split you. 

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