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Next Life, NO Kids: Two Weeks Is An Eternity

August 02, 2016

Two Weeks Is An Eternity

This just came pouring out of me along with a bucket of tears. It's been two weeks since she got the letter, and my birth mother hasn't called the agency. She may never call. I know this. I'm just not ready to give up hope...and I kind of hate myself for that right now.

Next Life NO Kids - Two Weeks Is An Eternity

I wonder if you missed me.
As the hours turned into years, and life got busy. 
Having chances you'd have not. Did the memories drag longer than you would have liked or expected? Were there nights you'd lay awake in wonder? Unable to make peace with what you'd done or... if I would ever understand how much you loved me? If I would know how hard it was for you to say good-bye; after all the time you'd spent trying to try. 

Would I even know that I was yours? And wonder if you missed me? As the hours turned into years and life got busy. Having chances I'd have not. The questions have dragged longer than I've liked or expected. Laying awake in wonder. Unable to make peace with what you did -- until I get the chance to tell you that I know how much you loved me, and how hard it must have been to say good-bye; after spending so much time trying to try.



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