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Next Life, NO Kids: How Kindness Saved The Day

August 17, 2016

How Kindness Saved The Day

I'd like to tell you a story about a boy and his pool. 

Once upon a time a woman with a blog woke up to a horribly offensive comment on one her hilarious YouTube videos, and spent the entire morning letting it influence her mood and motivation. Her depression was getting the best of her that week, and she was feeling defeated.

The little boy wanted to go play outside, and kept escaping out the back slider to the yard, and driving his mom insane with worry.  She wanted to take him outside, but his pool had a hole in it and it was 900 degrees in the shade. 

His mom decided to head to the hardware store to get a hook for the back door, because the little boy was like a goddamned Ninja, and she didn't want to end up on the 6 o'clock news.

Laying on a pallet outside the entrance was a stack of little plastic pools. 

'What the hell' thought the mom, as she told the clerk to add it to the purchase.

Then she tried to get it into her SUV, and realized it was way too big.

As the little boy cried for his pool, the mom began to sweat like a pig, waiting for lightening to strike her, and question every single decision she'd ever made in her life leading up to that moment.

Then, suddenly out of nowhere, a woman with a convertible pulled into the handicapped spot next to her and her wailing child. The nice lady walked right over and attempted to help the sweaty mom get the wretched fucking pool into her car; and when it was clearly a no-go, the friendly woman offered to follow the mom to her house (a whole town away) with the pool strapped to her convertible so the little boy could swim in it. 

The kind stranger told the little boy how lucky he was to have such a wonderful mom who wanted so much for him to have a fun day. She said that moms should always stick together and help each other whenever possible. 

And the little boy swam. 

Next Life No Kids ~ How Kindness Saved The Day

This post originally appeared on my facebook page, and was so loved, 
I decided to add it here to save forever and ever.

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