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Next Life, NO Kids: Don't Love Cheese and Chocolate? Don't Read This.

July 14, 2015

Don't Love Cheese and Chocolate? Don't Read This.

I don't usually do giveaways, but I really want to do something nice for you guys. I recently got my hands on a $50 gift card to The Melting Pot and I want one of you to use it! I want you to know how much I adore you. I want to make it very clear how much I appreciate every single one of you, and how much it means to me to know you exist. When I started this silly blog, I felt all alone and hopeless, and you have helped me feel connected to the world again by identifying with the good, bad and ugly, and helping me laugh again. 

I'll probably always be in awe that people actually read my blog. I am so grateful for all of the support you have all shown this site, Sober Mommies, and the #MOMmitment campaign. 

You are always leaving such supportive and loving comments for me and each other on the Facebook page, and let's face it...you're all a huge sack of awesome. When I'm having a rough day or feeling like the worst mom on the planet, you always brighten my day, and I want you to know it means the world to me. 

Okay, enough blathering already!!

To show my appreciation for all that you do and your complete fantabulism, I'm giving away a $50 gift card to The Melting Pot! That's right, one of you lucky sonzabitches is going to walk away with a chance to swim around in two of my favorite things... melted cheese and chocolate!!!

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Whether you love this or hate everything about it, let's connect and talk about it! I'm always open to honest feedback. 
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At 7/14/2015 , Anonymous Alyssa Rigden said...

You're such a sweetie! Your blog posts help all of us other mommies feel human!

At 7/14/2015 , Anonymous Heather said...

Such a nice gesture from such an amazing woman.

At 7/14/2015 , Anonymous Megan Griffin said...

Awesome! I'm a new reader and a stay at home sober mom of two :) I look forward to reading more!

At 7/14/2015 , Anonymous Julie @ Next Life, NO Kids said...


At 7/14/2015 , Anonymous Julie @ Next Life, NO Kids said...

I'm so glad to hear that, Alyssa. Being human sucks sometimes, but it's always made better when someone else says, "ME TOO." AMIRIGHT?

Thank you for being here. It truly does mean SO much to me.


At 7/14/2015 , Anonymous Lori Ann said...

So awesome of you to do a giveaway!! :)

At 7/14/2015 , Anonymous Alyssa Rigden said...

Yes! I dont think we could get by without a "me too" here and there!

I know I'm not a huge commenter but I try to read all your posts and I feel ya! Haha

At 7/15/2015 , Anonymous Julie @ Next Life, NO Kids said...

I appreciate that, Lovey. XOXO

At 7/15/2015 , Anonymous Julie @ Next Life, NO Kids said...

I think the question is... do you love me as much as chocolate and cheese? <3

Oh, and I love you double. XOXO

At 7/15/2015 , Anonymous Jules B. said...

I'm awesome because.... You're my friend, and together we don't judge other moms.

At 7/15/2015 , Anonymous Shari Ellisor Hoggatt said...

I'm awesome because i didn't drink or participate in old behaviors today!

At 7/16/2015 , Anonymous Notso supermom said...

Today I feel awesome because I got my kids to bed without a fight (or without losing my shit) tonight! Yay me! #smallvictories

At 7/20/2015 , Anonymous mama_san said...

I'm actually feeling like the opposite of awesome right now. I literally had to by a fridge lock (like, an actual one, not a baby-proofing one) so my kids wouldn't eat all the food by Tuesday every week, for the rest of the summer. And had to put a lock on the pantry. Now I have to set out all their food for the day. Every day. And I have FAILED at teaching them self-control. So, as you can see, I NEED cheese & chocolate. Please.

At 7/22/2015 , Anonymous Julie @ Next Life, NO Kids said...

Oh, Mumma. I'm sorry to hear you're having a tough one. You're awesome in ways you can't even imagine.


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