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Next Life, NO Kids: Tired of Mom Wars? Why I'm Making a #MOMmitment

January 27, 2015

Tired of Mom Wars? Why I'm Making a #MOMmitment

Everywhere I turn there seems to be another "debate" between moms. You name it, it's an issue. All day long, the choices we make for our families get blasted all over the Internet, lines are drawn, sides are chosen, and we prepare for battle. It gets ugly. It gets offensive. We get nowhere.

A recent video went viral really quickly by showing us a humorous side to the mom v. mom battle field.  We loved that video together. We laughed at that video together. We cried together. And then we found out it was actually produced by Similac and started arguing about whether they had any right to toy with our emotions.

When does it end? I suppose if we all sit back and wait for it to conclude, it will outlive us all. 

Who has time for this? Don't we all have enough going on? Don't we all get tired of constantly explaining, justifying, and defending our choices to each other? Can't we all just show support to one another instead of bashing and name calling? Can't we just embrace our differences and have enough respect for ourselves and each other to live and let live? Wouldn't we have a better chance of understanding and learning from each other if we asked more questions and stopped throwing jabs?

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to put Mom Wars behind me. I'm willing to admit I have judged and been judged by other mothers in the past, and I'm prepared to move forward with forgiveness. I'm ready to stand up with other mothers who are sick and tired of this ridiculous game we play and say "ENOUGH."

Today I make a commitment to change and be kind to other mothers regardless of how our parenting styles, clothing choices, beliefs, and ideas may vary. I commit to an open-mind when I read something that triggers anger or hurt feelings - when I feel judged by other moms. I promise to try to see and understand their perspective before jumping to the conclusion that they're out to get me. I commit to showing all other mothers respect even when they totally disagree with everything I'm saying. Today I put down my ego, and all of the insignificant details that separate me from other mothers.

Today I make my #Mommitment to do my part to end Mom Wars, and I hope you will join me. I'm taking action against the noise, and raising the white flag of surrender with a petition to document our promise and commitment.

Will you join me? 

If so, click this photo and SIGN THE PETITION!! Make your own commitment to moms right now to STOP the nonsense!!! After you sign it, please share your #Mommitment on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so we can connect! Let others know where you stand, and invite other moms to join us!! 

Let's end "Mom Wars" for good... one mom at a time. 

**Update** Watch the Video!!

 Click this picture and make your commitment now!

If you're a blogger, please write a post sharing your willingness to commit to end Mom Wars, and use the hashtag #Mommitment. Also, feel free to grab yourself a button to display on your sidebar, letting all who visit know your site is a safe place.

Next Life, NO Kids

Whether you love what you just read or hated everything about it, let's connect and talk about it! I'm always open to honest feedback. Come be social with me!

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At 1/27/2015 , Anonymous Lindsay Callihoo said...

I have many times been right in the middle of the pissing, bickering battles between other Mothers and myself trying to justify why my opinion is more important than theirs. Honestly it was my ego and my self entitled asshole attitude that was trying to prove a point. I'm very open to change and I think this would be a great place to start. Just because my opinion is different than others doesn't mean that I'm right or that maybe I could just get some very helpful information from other mothers if I just shut my yap and open my ears! Just me though. Bring on the change and the openness and willingness to listen

At 1/27/2015 , Anonymous Katy/Laughing into the Abyss said...

Oh, man, I'm IN. Not a mother, but I'm SO IN. Enough with the pissing contests already. Good job, you!

At 1/27/2015 , Anonymous Angela said...


I try really hard not to judge other moms. We all have our own stories. I don't set out to judge anyone. But it happens. Especially when I'm feeling judged and then I just go in for the kill because I'm pissed off. What a dumb, time consuming cycle! It accomplishes nothing and I may miss out seeing something from a new perspective that can help me as a mom.

At 1/27/2015 , Anonymous Stephanie Sprenger said...

Kudos to you! This is fantastic!

At 1/28/2015 , Anonymous LTL said...

Great idea! I'd totally love to do this. I think I really try hard not judge other moms--honestly. There is but one issue that I cannot let go though--opting out of vaccination. Even then I don't think I judge the moms. I just can't agree. Other than that, I honestly believe that everyone should do works for her.

At 1/29/2015 , Anonymous Kristi - Finding Ninee said...


At 2/01/2015 , Anonymous Jules-Julie Marie Barham said...

I am completely and totally with you! This is amazing! #Mommitment

At 2/02/2015 , Anonymous The Dusty Parachute said...

I really love this idea. I am typically very open-minded about all parenting styles although I may have disqualified myself by getting pretty heated about the vaccination debate last week, but I pledge to do better with my #mommitment!

At 3/19/2015 , Anonymous Insomniac's Dream said...

I'm so happy to be a part of this, Julie. I love your words. I love you.

At 6/18/2015 , Anonymous lauire fre said...

I love this and I love your words and you!!!xoxox


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