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Next Life, NO Kids: Open Letter To Rihanna Re: #PromBat

May 16, 2014

Open Letter To Rihanna Re: #PromBat

Dear Rihanna,

I just read an article about your terribly inappropriate behavior toward a high school student; the girl that idolized you enough to wear that dress. While I was reading, I couldn't help but wonder how much her mother worried for her and that dress; knowing that she might be held up to scrutiny at school for being different. I wonder if she voiced her concerns. I try to imagine the confidence it must have taken this teenage girl to wear the dress she felt most beautiful in; because it was like yours. I wonder if it was your voice in her head that encouraged her to be bold and true to herself. 

And then I feel sad for you. 

I feel sorry that you took such a beautiful testament of love and belief that someone had in you and made it ugly. I think of that old, cheesy saying, "Hurt people, hurt people," and I try to understand that you yourself have been ripped apart by the media. I remember seeing your picture while in line at the grocery store, and trying to imagine the force you must be; to be able to endure all of that negativity and still leave your house. 

The media has too much power, I thought; and I'm sure I prayed for you.

Today I'm praying for the girl you beat up because you could. With a simple hashtag, you can have all of the attention you want, and you used it to set a torturous ball in motion. 

I wonder if you knew that would happen...or if you even stopped to think about its possibilities. I wonder if you're aware that you have turned into that source of hate I was praying you would escape. And then I see more pictures of tweets to young girls; mocking their "avi" pictures, and their disappointment in your behavior. I wonder if they too learned from you that it was okay to be strong and speak their minds. These girls that looked up to you; idolized your power and strength, only to be crushed by it.

I wonder how you sleep, or if you do...knowing that the pain someone inflicted upon you; that pain magnified by the cameras and the news, and all over the tabloids is now yours because you choose to own it

"Hurt people, hurt people," that is true... but it's still a choice.

Shame on you.

photo credit: oouinouin via photopin cc

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At 5/16/2014 , Anonymous JENerally Informed said...

Great letter. So sad for this young girl. Example of cyber bullying at it's worst and most ugliest.

At 5/16/2014 , Anonymous Lisa Nolan said...

I LOVED IT! YOU'RE AWESOME! Well written and with style; ) Kudos to you for standing up and speaking out. And doing it so well!

At 5/16/2014 , Anonymous Sarah Nenni-Daher said...

Great job! Although Rhianna has fame, it appears she has no class and I applaud your letter.

At 5/16/2014 , Anonymous Ala said...

It's crazy to see how this story has spun out of control and how Lexxy has lied her way to media attention. She wasn't a fan or rihanna like she said she was and didn't even have any rihanna CDs. I should know, we use to hang out all the time. I was on twitter that night and rihanna only retweeted pics that other kids made, noe Lexxy is crying cyber bully. She threatened to beat a girl twice at the girls own house, she said she would spit on her because that's how "rude" she wants to get and that her mother better have car insurance because she's going to damage her mothers car. Once Rihanna's fans saw those tweets and the tables were turned on Lexxy she protected her twitter page. Make sure you know who your defending and who your calling shamefull. Know your facts first, it's 2014 and ppl still want 15 minutes of fame.

At 5/16/2014 , Anonymous Menopausalmother said...

Very well written, Julie! I've never been a fan of Rhianna's anyway, and honestly, I can't say I'm surprised. Bullying has become a horrible standard in this country and too many celebrities take advantage of their power.

At 5/16/2014 , Anonymous WhenCrazyMeetsExhaustion said...

WHAT JULIE SAID!!!!!!!!! Stupid celebrities and their social media power. They should know better by now, right?! Shame is right. Great piece.

At 5/17/2014 , Anonymous Chris Carter said...

I need to go read more about this... I am sick about it, and hope and pray this poor young girl recovers from such a powerful punch in the gut. I don't know if I could at that age... I am inspired by your beautiful insight and control of emotion in this piece Julie. I'm not sure I could have done it. *Toofiredup*

At 7/17/2014 , Anonymous Jane said...

Great job with the letter! She (robin) is just jealous and threaten by Alexis' better outfit. She probably feels dumb that she paid as much as she did and didn't look as nice as 16 year old Alexis Carter....she just resorted to cyber bullying to feel better about herself ....sad how some people hav to stoop so low even for her


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