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Next Life, NO Kids: Feeling Great All The Time Is For Pussies.

October 27, 2012

Feeling Great All The Time Is For Pussies.

I did an hour of yoga this morning and feel fantastic. I have been suffering for three weeks straight with pain in my hip flexor every single time any pressure was placed on my left foot. This pain is now completely gone after one simple hour of laying on a mat in my living room, with a towel, chair, and pillow watching Fios On Demand. I always feel great after taking positive action and/or doing something for me. So, the question is why didn't I do this weeks ago? 

It is always after an experience like this one that I wonder why I don't do more of this "stuff" and feel great all the time. The only answer I have been able to come up with is that feeling great all the time is for pussies. Feeling superb constantly would be no fun. What on Earth would I complain about during social interactions? How could I possibly relate to another human being if I felt great all the time? How dreadful.

Taking action on a daily basis to feel fantastic would be a silly waste of time. Tough guys suffer through the muck and come out on the other side better people right? I have heard the word "suffer" many times in my life shined in a positive light, during moments of pain that made me feel like I was contributing something to my life BECAUSE of it. My mother used to comb through my ass length hair every night when I was a girl. She would place the skinny teeth of the comb at the top of my head and pull downward without mercy. Any and all complaints during this ritual was met with the phrase "Beauty must suffer". Got it. In order to be beautiful, I must suffer. Nietzsche said that "To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering". Okay, so if I wish to survive I must suffer and make some sense of this suffering, got it. If I want my life to mean anything, if I want to be a person of substance, I must suffer. This idea is stupid and I could not disagree more after an hour of yoga stretches, but why can't I get there before? Could it be the recovering Catholic in me? I must suffer the agonies of every day because I'm a wicked sinner? Maybe, but probably not.

Perhaps I'm simply a tough guy. I'm so tough that I can withstand three weeks of complete torture with every step even though I know it could be rectified in an hour.  Perhaps my character was strengthened over those weeks while I limped and hobbled around like a 95 year old pirate with a peg leg. Who knows? Truth be told, I have learned from this experience and I suppose it was worth it. I have learned that I am a lazy glutton for punishment, a complainer, and a drag. I have also made the decision that just for today, I am willing to change this ridiculous behavior and be more open to feeling great. Obviously, I'm not ready to feel great all of the time, but maybe in small doses at first. This I'm sure will be followed up by an inevitable slip or ten, but I will also allow myself to be a work in progress. 

Besides, feeling great all the time is for pussies.

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At 4/23/2013 , Anonymous Steph at I'm Still Learning said...

Fabulous. Love it. I've been taking yoga at my gym, but I've never done it at home. I didn't really think to turn to OnDemand for it. I may give it a shot. Anyway, you're hilarious. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad I found you (or rather, you found me).

At 4/24/2013 , Anonymous A Mother Life said...

I refuse to suffer... is that wrong? Not for me ;)
Thanks for hooking up at the Hump Day Hook Up

At 4/24/2013 , Anonymous Julie Of Next Life, NO Kids said...

Never? You always take the appropriate action right away? Wowser, I admire your level of commitment!! I've had to hit some sort of emotional bottom in some areas to get to that place. I'm a little jealous ;)

At 4/24/2013 , Anonymous Julie Of Next Life, NO Kids said...

I'm so glad too!

P.S. I would not recommend yoga at home if you're anything like me. No one misses me if I don't show up to my living room for class, so I don't feel so bad skipping one or 12 a month ;)

At 4/24/2013 , Anonymous Princess Rosebud said...

Pain and gain, that's my motto!

At 4/24/2013 , Anonymous Dana said...

First of all, this is one of the greatest post titles ever. Second, maybe I should try yoga; my back is killing me.

At 4/24/2013 , Anonymous Xiomara said...

I am way too lazy to exercise but complain about my weight gain. Maybe I should stop suffering and start doing.


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