October 25, 2013

Holy Cowsers!!!

This is such exciting news, I must post it here. After all, if it had not been for this blog, and all of the support I received from you through so many of my ups and downs, this wouldn't be happening. Let's be honest; without this blog and all of you, I wouldn't be happening right now. 

Words cannot express how eternally grateful I am for you. So much so that I could totally break out into a Celine Dion song for you right now... 
Because I love you, I will spare you that torture. Instead I will share with you that I have WONDERFUL news!! 

Thanks to your support and love I have the amazing opportunity to take a HUGE leap of faith and... 


  1. I think you DO need to sing a Celine Dion song for us. :-)

  2. Considerer10/25/2013

    Definitely. And Vlog it for us.


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